Save Our Schools (SOS)

SOS is a rapidly growing parent-led group, based in Brighton and Hove, who are campaigning against the massive funding cuts to education. Heads and teachers have been protesting these cuts and the other damaging changes to our children’s education alone. Now parents are joining them. Together we will stand up for the best possible education for our children.

Friends at Balfour and Balfour Primary School have supported the SOS campaign since it started – and we still have the banner outside the school to prove it!

Consequently, Balfour SOS could do with some more volunteers to help spread the word and support campaigns – if you are interested then please email us with SOS in the subject line.

Banner Unfurling

It’s banner time again! Why? Because our schools are still suffering a funding crisis, which latest figures suggest is only going to get worse.

Our school banner will be unfurled on 24th October, at school pick up time.

Please join us if you can – let’s come together as a school community to stand up for children’s right to a well-funded education. We will be taking photos and sharing on social media on the day: Please post photos on your social media accounts and tag us using our addresses:

Facebook: @SaveOurSchoolsUK

Twitter: @SaveSchoolsUK
Instagram: @SaveOurSchoolsUK

And please use the following hashtags: #DontBelieveTheHype and #SaveOurSchools

If parents, teachers and heads were listened to, we could easily have:

  • A well-funded state education system, accountable to local communities
  • Education policy led by educational experts, especially teachers
  • An inclusive system that develops the potential of every child, including children with SEN
  • A broad, forward-looking curriculum that includes technology, sport, music and creative arts
  • Assessment methods that are appropriately challenging and do not dictate the curriculum
  • Teaching that prioritises love of learning and develops cognitive skills and well-being
  • Schools staffed by well-trained teachers, whose professionalism is respected
  • Fair terms and conditions for school staff, including a reasonable workload

For more information please go to the SOS website or follow them on social media.

Caroline Lucas The Independent 27 May 2017

This country is not destined to have declining schools, the future for the next generation is still up for grabs. But its only by electing politicians who stand up to false choices and back brilliant campaigners like Save Our Schools, that we’ll begin the process of making every school in Britain a world leader in education

Peter Kyle MP for Hove and Portslade (Labour) Message to Headteachers and SOS

Brighton & Hove gave the government a very loud and clear message during the general election – that the cuts to school funding will be fought tooth and nail by us all in a city united by this cause. As leaders in your organisations you know more than most how much effort everyone has poured into getting our schools succeeding. Everyone has done everything government has asked of them, and how are we rewarded? With deep cuts which will disadvantage an entire generation of school children. I am with you every step of the way on this and I want you to be confident that I will do everything in my power to support you, to support your campaign and to work in Parliament to get the government to change its mind. Thank you for everything you’ve done so far, and I look forward to working with you in the future, Peter.

Stand by your Head

On 28th September, 1000 headteachers will march on Downing St to demand that 8 years of #schoolcuts are reversed . We stand with them. 

Some school staff have already agreed for us to take pictures of them on their heads and we’ve asked the Governors too.

Get the whole family to do a headstand to show your support and take a photo!! Or turn a photo upside down to show support! 

You can post photo’s to the SOS Facebook page:

or email them to us at and we can share them on our Facebook page and with SOS.

One head told the Guardian:   “Some say I should be in school on 28th September, not demonstrating. If government reverses funding cuts as a result of us marching on Westminster, I will consider it the best day’s work I have ever done.”

Floss 4 Funding

After school on Wednesday 17th October Balfour Primary will be supporting SOS and their national day of action.

Children, parents, school staff, governors, and anyone who cares about children’s education will do the floss dance (or their own version of it!) to show they are united in their demand for more funding for schools.