Meeting Minutes

2019/20 Academic Year

September 2019: FAB minutes & Treasurers Report Sept 19

October meeting was the AGM: AGM PowerPoint Presentation 2019 inc Chair and Treasurer Reports

November 2019: FAB Committe Meeting Minutes and Treasurers Report 5th Nov 19

Trustee Meeting 13th November 2019: Minutes FAB Trustee Meeting 13NOV19 (redacted)

December 2019: Meeting was mainly Christmas Fair orientated – no Minutes or Treasurer Report produced.

January 2020: FAB Minutes & Treasurer’s Report 14JAN2020

February 2020: Meeting not held

March 2020: FAB Committee Meeting 10th March 2020

2018/19 Academic Year

September Committee Meeting Minutes: FAB_Meeting_Minutes_18_Sept_2018 v2

September Treasurer Report: FAB Treasurers Report – 18 September 2018 revised

October Committee Meeting was the AGM: AGM 2018 documents

November Meeting Minutes: FAB_Minutes_6 Nov 2018

November Treasurer Report: FAB Treasurers Report – 6 November 2018

December Meeting Minutes: mainly Xmas Fair orientated FAB_Minutes_5 DEC

December Treasurer Report: none produced

January  Meeting Minutes & Treasurer Report: FAB Treasurers Report – 8 January 2019

February Meeting Minutes & Treasurer Report: FAB Treasurers Report – 5 Feb 2019

March Meeting Minutes & Treasurer Report: FAB minutes & Treasurers report 5th March 19

April Meeting Minutes & Treasurer Report: FAB Minutes & Treasurer Report 2nd April 19

May Meeting Minutes & Treasurer Report: FAB Minutes Committee Meeting & treasurer report 7MAY19

June Meeting Minutes & Treasurer Report:

July Meeting Minutes and Treasurer Report: