Below are the dates and times of all our planned events for the academic year.

It is possible that dates may change due to the availability of the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and may  also be held via Video conference rather than in person.  If you are planning to attend, please advise us via email :

  2022/2023 Events and Dates
Quiz Night  TBC
Movie Afternoon TBC
Halloween Treasure Hunt TBC
Quiz Night 4th November 7:30pm
Christmas Fair Saturday 10th December 12 – 4pm
Christmas Movie afternoon TBC
Quiz night TBC
Spring Scavenger Hut
27 March – 21 April
Easter Egg Hunt 24 March
Movie Afternoon TBC
Art Exhibition TBC
Happy Circus
Wednesday 14th June 2023
Summer Fair
15 July 12 noon – 4pm

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings will be held in the KS2 building starting at 8pm and we aim to be finished by 9.30pm.


  2022-2023 Dates
Committee Meeting Tuesday 13th September 2022
AGM Tuesday 11th October 2022
Committee Meeting Tuesday 8th November 2022
Committee meeting Tuesday 6th December 2022
Extraordinary General Meeting Tuesday 10th January 2023
Committee meeting Tuesday 7th February 2023
Committee meeting Tuesday 7th March 2023
Committee meeting No meeting this month as on Easter holidays
Committee meeting Tuesday 9th May 2023
Committee meeting Tuesday 13th June 2023
Committee meeting Tuesday 11th July 2023

*important information for those attending our meetings

  • Drinks, cups and snacks will be provided – but if you’d prefer to bring your own then please do so.
  • Face masks are optional and will be left to each individual’s discretion and circumstances.
  • If you have, or are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or have someone in your household who is, you should not attend the meeting.