Below are the dates and times of all our planned events for the 2018-2019 academic year… Watch this space as more may be added!

Wine & Cheese Evening Tuesday 25th September 2018

8.00pm KS1 Hall

Quiz Night Friday 19th October 2018


Doors open 7.30pm

for 8pm start

Fireworks Saturday 10th November 2018

KS1 Field

5 to 7pm

Christmas Fair Saturday 8th December 2018


2pm to 5pm

Quiz night Friday March 15th 2019
Easter Egg Hunt Friday 29th March 2019

Straight after school

Art Exhibition Saturday 18th May 2019

10am to 1pm

Movie Afternoon Saturday 22nd June

3pm to 5pm

KS2 Sports Hall

Summer Fair


Saturday 6th July 2019


12pm to 4pm

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are all held in the Year 6 Base at KS2 and start at 8pm. Drinks and nibbles are provided and we aim to be finished by 9.30pm!

Committee Meeting Tuesday 18th September 2018
AGM Tuesday 9th October 2018
Committee Meeting Tuesday 6th November 2018
Committee meeting Tuesday 4th December 2018
Committee meeting Tuesday 8th January 2019
Committee meeting Tuesday 5th February 2019
Committee meeting Tuesday 5th March 2019
Committee meeting Tuesday 2nd April 2019
Committee meeting Tuesday 7th May 2019
Committee meeting Tuesday 4th June 2019
Committee meeting Tuesday 16th July 2019