Who are the FAB Committee??

Currently we have 25 active members in FAB — having a child at the school automatically makes you a member… but if you want to be more involved then please get in touch.

The committee consists of 6 school staff (including senior management, teachers and support staff) and 19 parent members (4 of whom have specific duties — chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer etc.) and the others chose what, when and how much they want to be involved with any of the FAB events or initiatives.

Balfour has over 800 pupils and approximately 350 families – so our 19 parent members do a lot of work that benefits all pupils, siblings and families and provide great events for all throughout the year.

You might be thinking “I would like to get involved, but don’t think I have the time.” – everyone on the committee has a job, a child (or children), and probably a social life too, and still has time for FAB commitments.

Whatever you reasons for getting involved… your time, help, advice and ideas are very much appreciated.

We have a number of email addresses that you can contact us by:

To contact our Volunteer Coordinator please email

For enquiries about swimming please email

If you’d like to donate prizes for our raffles please email

If you’d like to join our 100Club then please email

For all other enquiries please email