FAB Christmas Book Fundraiser

A unique fundrasier to spread some Christmas cheer,
… especially after we’ve all had such a grim year!
It’s a festive book based on Balfour Primary School,
And it’s full of festive fun and Christmas Yule.
It’s a perfect gift for any girl or boy,
In fact, it’s a present the whole family can enjoy!
The book was created by a mum with kids at the school,
it’s rhyming, cute and very cool!
You can buy this book to cherish and keep,
For £7 it’s kind of cheap.
It’s a delightful story about the naughtiest elf that you will ever see,
He broke into Balfour Primary School and ruined the Christmas Party.
Can the teachers and all of the classes save the day?
Or does the naughty elf win with his foul play?
All teachers are named and each class is too,
There is even a picture of Mr Davies with a dodgy hairdo!
All profits raised will go to FAB…
but there are only 150 copies up for grab!
To order a copy of the book please go to www.ticketor.com/friendsatbalfour/