Fireworks Update

Totting up the money we reckon we possibly may have just broken even or made a slight profit (we are still waiting to finalise some expense totals)… but that is awesome considering the weather conditions we all had to endure but at the same time disappointing that the weather wrecked one our of major fundraising events – but at least we don’t think we lost money! There’s too many ‘buts’ in that sentence – but oh – well it’s been a long few days!! 

I’m still being asked about how to give us some money… and I can’t fathom out why Paypal won’t accept payments – so if anyone wants to make a donation online then you can pay donations directly into our bank account… obviously this is completely voluntary and you’re own choice (and we are not begging) you can also pop cash or cheques into a FAB box. Please reference any donations as ‘donations’ so we can account for them – you can reference it as something funny if you want – maybe we’ll give a free drink to the best reference!?! I also swear that this is the FAB Bank Account details and not my personal one!! 

Bank Account Details
HSBC Account Name: Friends At Balfour
Sort Code: 40-14-01
Account Number: 41501615
Reference: ‘Donation’ or something funny!