Fireworks – Desperado plea!!

We need 11 more Marshall’s to help at Firework Night (10th November) or else we will have to cancel the event for H&S reasons!!!

… but obviously we don’t want to have to cancel it or else we will still have to pay for the fireworks and FAB will start the year on a deficit!!

What does it involve?
• Being at the event from 4.30 to 7pm – 4.30pm is when we give the Marshal briefing!
• Wearing a hi viz tabbard
• Basically 6-8 Marshall’s need to be outside of the field by the pool, on the path up to Varndean school and basically making sure no-one goes near the firing zone (especially when the display is on) – The people we have so far can cover these points if necessary.
• The other 18 Marshall’s basically mill around on the field and deal with lost children, taking injuries to St John’s ambulance, and minor things like that… however in the case of an emergency (and worst case scenario is evacuating everyone from the field) then all Marshall’s are expected to help direct people out of the area and to a safe space!

So basically being a Marshall is not something you can do if you are the sole adult with kids in tow… but if both parents/or two adults are are going to the fireworks with kids then one could be a Marshall and enjoy the event with their family – you may need to help a lost child or give someone some help… but most of the time you can enjoy the event with your family. It would only be in the case of an extreme emergency (which in 20/30 years has never happened) that you would be expected to help evacuate the area and leave your kids in the care of the other person you came with.

We’re happy to offer free family entry to anyone who wants to Marshall at the event!

If you could help that would be awesome – please email with ‘Marshall’ in the subject line.